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Bin Builder's Skip Bins Manufacturers with Barn Doors - Unlocking Convenience and Efficiency

Find skip bin manufacturers in Australia at the height of accessibility and adaptability—Bin Builders is where your search for exceptional waste management solutions ends. Bin Builders offers skip bins with barn doors ranging from 8m3 to 15m3. These industrial heavy-duty bins are ideal for construction sites and landscaping projects.


Select from 8 m3 and 15 m3 to suit any size project.

Rear barn doors that are fully open make loading simple and increase efficiency and security.

It is manufactured with severe environments in mind, emphasising long-term use and strength.

Grease points are a feature of heavy-duty door hinges that provide smooth operation and an extended lifespan.

Bin Builders skip bins in Australia maintain the materials’ security during disposal and transportation.

A welded one-piece lifting pin and a heavy-duty walled rim achieve exceptional strength and dependability.

Measure the exterior dimensions in millimetres for precise planning and utilisation.


  • Maximised Storage Capacity:  The 1500mm standard interior width ensures you maximise the use of your skip bin by providing a gap-free and efficient space utilisation.
  • Enhanced Durability:  Its 5 mm base and 3 mm sides are extreme, even in the worst circumstances.
  • Supportive Frame Design:  Bin Builders Skip Bins make it easy to handle waste because they are expressly designed for challenging weather and are frequently used.
  • User-Friendly: From loading to lifting, the design prioritises ease of use to make your garbage disposal procedure go as smoothly as possible.